Bad Boy Bombers

I've just noticed a few pretty bad boy bombers today for different reasons. The first was an early morning spot from Cuckoo's Nest who found a box of last seasons Hive Bomberbase Jackets and are selling them at a bargain £19.99. Then this evening I caught sight of some jackets at the opposite end of... Continue Reading →

New Nike Air Max 1 Monochrome

We're always up for a bit of monochrome madness here at Heavie Dutie Style and these Nike Air Max 1 Monochrome are certainly that! With a patterned palm leaf upper giving a new lease of life to a classic Nike style they might well be worth you dropping some serious dough. Added to the patterned design the... Continue Reading →

Isaiah Dreads – U See Me #HDSOUND

With Heavie Dutie Style going for over a year now it's good to see not only the progress that we've made, but the progress made by those featured. An example of this occurred last week when I checked out Annie Mac's Free Music Monday last week and saw that the featured track was by Isaiah Dreads, who... Continue Reading →

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