Bagging Bargains in The Summer Sales (featuring Carhartt, The Idle Man & Maniere De Voir)

With a raft of summer sales now in play and lots of bargains to be had, I went a bit crazy last week and splurged on a few different websites that had a lot of brilliant bargains available. So I thought why not share some of the places I spent all my cash on!

It was more than three websites, but I thought I would share three of the best, and all slightly different, sites, to give you a bit of contrast, and a lot of different options.

Below I showcase a well known workwear brand, an ever growing independent brand and a website that sells all kinds of menswear goods as well as some of their own, reasonably priced, brand.

  1. Carharrtt WIP

    carharrt sale image

It’s always good when a household name get serious on the discounts and Carharrtt have done just that with their sale. As well as there being some spot on sale prices the garms involved are also pretty darn good. As I was looking for a coach jacket I was pretty pleased with the options available and managed to bag myself a pretty bad boy one…or two!

Get on to their sale gear and go crazy now at


2. Maniere De Voir 


We also love a good independent brand here at Heavie Dutie Style, and hope to set-up
one of our own at some point in the future,

so we’re always supportive of brands that are killing it like Maniere De Voir. Having kept an eye on the brand and watched it grow over the past year or two they have now grown their range and there is plenty cool clothing that you can get for a snip in their current sale. I managed to get a few steals from their web store, including a pretty sick bomber jacket, and i’m looking forward to the postie dropping them off any day now!

Snap up a bargain from the Maniere De Voir range at

3. The Idle Man


With their fingers on the pulse of the latest in style and their own great range sitting the idle man logoalongside a raft of the dopest brands around, there’s an awful lot for you to get stuck into here to see what deals you can get in The Idle Man sale. I was pretty excited to get hold of a pair of quirky Chuck Taylor’s to add to my ever-growing trainer collection and am still tempted to go back for a load more bits before they go!

Don’t be an idle man, get moving on some of the reduced clothing at

So what are you waiting for? Follow my lead and bag yourself a bargain!



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