A bright future is on the way for Loyle Carner

Having dropped his album Yesterday’s Gone in January, and having been told by one of my mates to listen to his stuff over the Christmas of 2016, i’m slightly embarrassed to say that i’m only just cottoning on to the brilliance of Loyle Carner. Having done so and being highly impressed I thought it was only right to spend a bit of time bigging him up as an #HDRATED artist!

Having heard a few of his tunes on Radio 6, including the album’s first track Isle of Arran,  during my day job and seeking out some more of his tunes I was already starting to become a fan. But after watching his Glasto performance (big up all the Mummy’s boys) and following that up by having a few listens to his album, i’m surprised the guy isn’t getting even more airtime.


Highlights for me include the aforementioned Isle of Arran, Damselfly featuring the vocals of Tom Misch, Florence that includes the soulful sound of Kwes and the upbeat NO CD with Rebel Cleff.

What makes it enjoyable amongst all of the bravado and posturing that characterizes a lot of rap/hip-hop is the open, honest and earnest nature of his bars that really bring you into his world, situations and thoughts. All in all the album showcases the strength of his storytelling that in it’s nature in some ways reminds me of The Streets as he spins his yarns with a healthy dose of reality.

Having listened through and caught some real vibes from his album i’ve now bought tickets to go and see him on tour. Although i’m not expecting a hedonistic party like environment, there’s something soulful and real about his music that builds a strong connection and gives a poignancy to everyday experiences that we don’t often stop to see the beauty in as we go about our day-to-day.

All in all with Yesterday’s Gone Loyle Carner has an album that points to a bright future with his own niche in the UK music soundscape, and I for one am looking forward to seeing where his journey takes him and how his sound develops moving forward.

So there you have it. He has the Heavie Dutie seal of approval. #HDRATED!




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