Ikea x Hypebeast make the bedroom of sneakerheads dreams

If you love your kicks like we do then you wont ‘LACK’ for places to put them in this IKEA bedroom that’s decked out for the sneakerhead in all of us!

Hypebeast stylised shot with Michael Jordan poster, kicks and magazine in display

Hypebeast have put together a video showing you the clean yet stylish look that they have gone for as part of the IKEA USA ‘Back to College’ series.

With the focus being display space for your favourite footwear to be displayed “kind of like fine works of art in a museum” in your very own “shrine to the sneaker Gods” there’s no room for clutter but plenty of wall space for your favourite posters, works of art or skate decks along with racks to showcase your caps.

The Hypebeast x IKEA sneakerhead bedroom pic on Heavie Dutie Style

Where’s the HEMNES or NORDLI for when you need a bit of clever storage space I hear you say! You can’t just hide things under that little rug when life gets messy!

Although i’m in danger of sounding like a BILLY no mates with my IKEA knowledge I think one of the the classic bookcase range options would do a good multifunctional job of showcasing your kicks along with other books, bits and bobs you might want to keep on view, as opposed to making your bedroom look like Sports Direct.

All jokes aside, it’s a cool minimal bedroom design that would definitely do a good job for you if you were on a shoestring budget at College, University or making your way in a big city.

But you still might want  to make room for your TV, bluetooth speaker and console for all your entertainment needs!

Watch IKEA® and HYPEBEAST Design the Ideal Sneakerhead Bedroom here.

Heavie Dutie Hero branding

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