Celebrating Dr. Martens at Jake Shoes

When the 1st of April is mentioned most of us start thinking about all the pranks of April Fools Day, but for Dr. Martens & Jake Shoes it’s no joke. For the famous Airware brand it’s the very day in 1960 that the brand began to stamp it’s authority on the world with the release of the original icon the 1460 boot (named after the day it was released – 1.4.1960).

So here I was at Jake Shoes in Manchester Arndale some 56 years later for #JakeDocsDay to celebrate Dr.Martens original favourites the 1460 and 1461. I grabbed a glass of bubbly, had a chat with a few people and a little while later was given a potted history of the Dr. Martens brand (that included the info I gave you above – Thanks to the staff at Jake Shoes for the info ;)).

2016-04-01 18.34.19

As well as checking out about the Docs available from Jake Shoes I was also provided with a goodie bag that included a flyer giving more info on the 1460 and 1461’s along with a copy of ‘Dr.Martens A History of Rebellious Self-Expression’.

The book takes you from the roots of the Dr.Martens as a humble work-wear boot into a cultured icon desired by a wide-range of subcultures and music tribes that have made it the well-known and much loved brand it is today. You can also find a potted history of the brand at drmartens.com/uk/history if you’re intrigued to find out more.

2016-04-01 19.00.21

We’ve explained a little bit to you, so what of the boots you say? Well at Jake Shoes you can pick up a good range of Docs, and if they don’t have the ones you want in stock there’s a good chance they can get hold of them for you.

In terms of which ones to cop, well you can’t go far wrong with the original 1460 8 eyelet boot with that famous yellow stitching on the sole, coming in at a hundred quid.

2016-04-01 19.11.15.jpg

If you want a below the ankle shoe then my favourite school shoe (I felt pretty nostalgic when I saw these) the 1461Z will see you right for £90.00.

2016-04-01 18.59.41

Then on to a modern iteration of the classic the Will Lace Boots for £75 that can be worn for both smart and casual occasions without the outright rebellion of the originals.

2016-04-01 19.15.13.jpg

So whether you want to be a full on rebel or you want to play with a straight bat you’ll get nothing but quality and durability from a pair of Dr.Martens and a sense of being part of a bigger British and worldwide movement.



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