Ovi Watches need your help to see their wooden watch empire grow!

With their high quality Latvian hardwood and environmentally friendly materials the handmade Ovi Watches have the potential to be a real winner.


Making use of their country’s greatest export the team behind Latvian watch brand Ovi have created high quality, lightweight suite of watches that are at one with nature.

In doing this they have also pledged to “plant a tree to protect and help the nature” for every watch purchased. It’s always impressive to see a social conscience behind the products we review and it’s great that Ovi will help to grow future trees as they use the current ones to make their product.

What about the watches?

Well we can’t outline it any better than the Ovi Watch indiegogo page so we’ll share the product specifications beneath this paragraph. But alongside these you can choose one of four watch types; teak, cherry, elm and nuttree all with a matching calf skin watch strap.

But before we throw in a few more shots of the watches the vital statistics for these beauties are as follows:

1) 42mm casing crafted from natural hardwood

2) Swiss made movement: Ronda, caliber 762 3H

3)  Highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass

4) 10.5 mm thick case include glass

5) Genuine calf leather strap, which locks inside of the watch

6) Steel waterproof crowns

7) Stainless steel screws and threads

8) Case and back is finished with high quality matt varnish

And here are the four watch types for you to take a look at:

OVi watches types

OVi watch types 2

Play a part in the growth of Ovi Watches

So you want to get hold of an Ovi watch and/or you want to help them reach their funding target; well they have a number of options for you. You can contribute $5 if you want to give them a helping hand, pay $79 to get an early bird deal on the watches, which gives you a $50 discount on the retail price.

There are also a number of other options available including buying one of the first 10 of each style with an engraving to signify for $179, or a signature watch with your own choice of signature on the face for $199.

So what are you waiting for time’s running out…

With only 6 days left to pledge for an Ovi Watch you should get in there quick and help them reach their target. Do it NOW!: Go to the Ovi Watch indiegogo page


Heavie Dutie Hero branding


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