Wooden Republic aim to ‘Kickstart’ brand with crowdfunding campaign

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After initially kicking-off Wooden Republic in 2014 and soon finding that their start-up idea to create wooden framed sunglasses and watches had a mass appeal they started scheming to move into 2016 with a bang.

Having worked to find the manufacturing and created the ranges needed to take Wooden Republic to epic proportions the Sydney based brand are now ready to unleash their Kickstarter campaign and take their responsibly made and stylishly finished pieces across the world.

How the seeds were sewn…

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As Gerry outlines on their Kickstarter page, the inspiration for Wooden Republic came about when she was on a surfing trip in the Philippines along with a number of people who have now become part of the Wooden Republic team.

Having ‘stumbled across a local merchant who specialised in making handmade wooden sunglasses’ and finding that the pairs they had bought couldn’t survive their outdoors lifestyle they ‘began talking about designing and creating our own wooden sunglasses that would survive any adventure’.

In taking their dream forward Wooden Republic have made hundreds of prototypes, decided on their final range of frames (watches are coming soon) and are now looking to make a stretch goal of between $20-40kAUD. So lets go into a bit more depth on these sustainable sunnies.

Seeing the wood from the trees

As they start to grow their brand Wooden Republic have created 5 different styled sunnies to give you a choice when you snap up their great Kickstarter offer. Although you can find out more on the Wooden Republic Kickstarter page we thought we’d give you a brief rundown here. So, without further ado, here are your options:

The Kimura Collection

Their resident black belt Rafael pays homage to Jiu Jitsu with bamboo temples and acetate frames to make a kick ass selection!

The Shaka Collection

Surf’s up with these sunnies. Inspired by classic wooden surfboards we certainly felt like we’d be on the crest of a style wave if we wore these, created by the company’s in house pro amateur surfer Adam.


The Decks Collection

Made out of recycled maple wood from the decks of many a cherished skateboard and solid enough that they can last out on the ramps.

The Nomadic Collection

Aiming to catch the simplistic nature of travellers and having what it takes for you to take them on a nomadic journey or two is what this pair are all about.

The Irie

Capturing the essence  of the Rastafari movement, and parading the colours in layered maple wood on the front panel, is what these are all about. You could see Bob Marley, Snoop Lion in these giving it some serious swag!


Get Wood!

So these are the beginnings of exciting times for a great brand, and if you want to help the branches of Wooden Republic to grow, or you just like their sunglass stylings and want a piece of the action, you can get hold of them for less as their ‘early bird’ and then standard Kickstarter prices are available.

This means that sunglasses that will eventually come at a cost of $89.95 AUD (around £43 at time of writing) upwards can be bought for as little as $45AUD (around £21.50 at time of writing). So don’t miss out, get onto their Kickstarter page and get picking (and purchasing) your faves.

Get onto the Kickstarter page and get the Wooden republic look NOW!

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Heavie Dutie Hero branding

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