Walk tall with some garms from the RUN&FELL Mid Season Sale – Heavie Dutie Style Spotlight #HDSS

Having noticed recently that we’ve not been there to big-up the independent clothing brands as much as we envisioned when we started Heavie Dutie Style back on our Tumblr page we wanted to start to put it right. So we’re bringing back one of our original features in the form of the #HDSS (Heavie Dutie Style Spotlight) series to pick out some of our favourite independent streetwear brands from the UK and beyond. What we also like is a good offer, so when we saw that RUN&FELL had some great designs and a mid-season sale going on we were certain on our first choice of independent streetwear brand to start back on the #HDSS tip!

You gotta walk before you can run!

We usually like to give our readers a bit of an insight on the brand that we’re shining our spotlight over, but with Manchester’s RUN&FELL we loved the look of their about us page sop we thought we’d just pop it into this post so you can get a bit of background on this brilliant streetwear brand and their focus on  bold prints on well designed tees.

About Run & Fell

So there you have it, and without further ado we’re now going on to pick out some of our favourite RUN&FELL tees.

Pride but no fall!

With the plethora of dope designs on offer from RUN&FELL you will certainly be rocking one of their tees with pride and our choices below will help to show this British brand is not messing around in the style stakes!

Alpha tee £45 was £59.99

Featuring an A symbol with a unique look, and a striking design to grace the front of the first tee we showcase, this is an A* of a tee and well worth checking out.

Alpha tee Run & Fell

Rain or Shine tee £35 was £85

This delectable print nicely showcases an old school street scene with surrounding text bringing in some more of the image as well as adding some extra glam with the metallic nailhead ‘SHINE’ studded lettering on the bottom right of the tee. A good look for the street or the club that will make sure you stay shining!

Rain or Shine Run & Fell tee

Corazon tee £30 was £64.99

This ethically made tee includes 46% bamboo, 46% organic cotton and 6% elastine as well as a completely banging triple heart illustration with intricate design elements that catch the eye. For thirty pounds it’s definitely worth a look!

Corazon Run & Fell tee

The Anchor Refugee Charity T-Shirt £50

Credit where credit’s due with this one. Not only is the Anchor refugee charity tee a dope design it also sheds some light on the current refugee crisis, challenges the negative stereotypes refugees have been receiving in the media, and also helps to raise some money towards it.

With a few different style tees available including round and v neck, along with a more personalised option, this is a great idea and well worth reading more about over on The Anchor Refugee Charity T-Shirt page of the RUN&FELL website.

The Anchor tee

So there are just a few of the #HDRATED tees RUN&FELL have got in their armoury and plenty of them are currently available in the mid-season sale giving you the chance to grab a bargain. So get looking on the RUN&FELL website now!

Heavie Dutie Hero branding

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