We take a trip to Stone Island with Van Mildert and present our top 4 rocking garments!

Italian Designer brand Stone Island have been around for a while now, and since 1982 have been experimenting with fibres, fabrics, textures and techniques to create statement pieces that provide both form and function for their many fans.

Stone Island at Van Mildert
Feeling blue? Try a bit of retail therapy with some Stone Island stylings from Van Mildert.

With their compass logo being a well known and oft seen sigil on the street wear landscape and ,having been sent some information from Van Mildert on their latest collection, we were keen to showcase some of their latest and greatest designed dapper clothing.

Having been given four main areas to look at: Jackets, Sweats and Knits, Polos and T-Shirts and Jeans and Joggers we thought we’d break down into these four areas and choose our favourite from each. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but with the great range available it has been hard to pick our favourites but we managed eventually! Check them out below.

Stone Island Jackets at Van Mildert

#HDRATED pick: Stone Island Contrasting Knitted Bomber Jacket £207.00 was £295.00

Stone Island Contrasting Knitted Bomber Jacket

Our choice from the Stone Island Jackets, and in in small part to our love of a good bomber jacket, this superior version of the type we usually rock is made from a soft cotton that will be sure to make you feel both stylish and comfortable. There are many other options available, including some pretty dope coats, but this just looks like a prime piece of clothing that could be a wardrobe staple right through to next summer! As you will see when you look through the Stone Island collection at Van Mildert premium garments command premium prices and as we continue through this post you’ll see some high end quality garments with some pretty hefty price tags. Despite this we were quite excited to see that this badass bomber had a discount of just under £90 off the original price. Cheers Van Mildert!

Stone Island Sweats & Knits at Van Mildert

#HDRATED pick: Stone Island Kangaroo Long Sleeved Sweatshirt £165.00

Stone Island Kangaroo Long Sleeved Sweatshirt

Well Stone Island certainly pulled a surprise from up their sleeve (or pouch) with this one. Coming in a range of colours and providing a fresh look the Kangaroo Long Sleeved Sweatshirt should certainly be purchased. Just make sure you’ve got the funds available, you wouldn’t like to see your payment bounce and take away the spring in your step this sweater will give you!!!

Stone Island Polos & T-Shirts at Van Mildert

#HDRATED pick: Stone Island Tasca T Shirt £90.00

Stone Island Tasca T-Shirt

Not since a rather classic Liverpool kit in the 90’s (or dire, depending how you see it) i’ve not heard ‘ecru’ used as a colourway but the Stone Island Tasca T Shirt can be purchased in both this colour and navy depending on your taste! Whilst we plumped for the classic compass logo on the left breast that characterises the Tasca T Shirt we were also impressed with the Histogram T-Shirt at £75.00 and much like the mullet provides a serious front with a simple Stone Island text logo followed by a party at the back in the form of a large eye-catching design.

Stone Island Jeans & Joggers at Van Mildert

#HDRATED pick: Stone Island Slim Fit Jeans £140.00

Stone Island Slim Fit Jeans

It’s always good when you find a simple pair of jeans that do the business with fit and cut and from the looks of it the Stone Island Slim Fit Jeans provide everything you need for the basis of a good outfit along with a range of other jean and jogger options that Stone Island provide. With a straight fit being complimented with logo detailing as well as embossed metal hardware and a button fly you don’t have to be a jeanius (sorry) to realise that these are a great option for all manner of occasions.

You can get hold of our four #HDRATED picks of Stone Island goods and more at Van Mildert by clicking on the Stone Island image below.

Stone Island logo

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