Top 5 Picks from the REBEL8 Collection at 5Pointz

Rebel8 logo

REBEL8 are a clothing brand we’ve admired at Heavie Dutie Style for a while now and after being informed, by Bristol based streetwear aficionados 5Pointz, that they are offering a big selection of the brands latest collection, as well as a cheeky bit of discount (more on that at the end!), I thought it best get to showcasing some of our favourite pieces for your attention!

So…For those of you that don’t know, REBEL8 are a brand born out of the lively graffiti and tattoo scenes of San Francisco and plenty of this inspiration can be seen in the various designs and stylings of the brand. Whilst we could tell you more about the brand and it’s originators we want to get on and show you some garms so we will outliune some of our favourites below. Obviously if you’re a complete rebel you might just want to make your own mind up and take a look at the REBEL8 Collection at 5Pointz here before we give you our take on our faves.

REBEL8 Worship Worthy T Shirt £32.49

The ode to both the graffiti and tattoo scenes can particularly be seen in the first of our picks the Worship Worthy T Shirt. Featuring the 8 logo at it’s centre and surrounded by tattoo like hand drawn design featuring flowers, stars, candles and graffiti cans amongst it’s delightful design, this offers a spectacular start  as we delve into some of our favourite and most rebellious pieces.

Rebel8 Worship Worthy T Shirt White

REBEL8 King Ring £17.99

Next up, and most probably based on my complete and utter recent obsession in SOA (or Sons Of Anarchy for those of you not in the know!) , the REBEL8 King Ring is a more stylish take on the Sovereign that could just give you an extra but of edginess! I’m still not sure I would wear it myself but if you’re feeling it then you should go ahead and lead the way for the likes of me!

Rebel8 King Ring Silver

REBEL8 Pioneers Hooded Jacket Black £129.99

The Pioneers Hooded Jacket is a perfect winter coat. It’s water resistant (so straight away it’s perfect for the British winter!) and includes some nice touches, including the stitching on the breast as well as the finely detailed branded poppers. From the look of the jacket and the qualities outlined this looks to be a great coat to get you through the winter.

Rebel8 Pioneers Hooded Jacket Black

REBEL8 Spread The 8 Hops Snapback Cap Black £32.49

Never one to turn down a good cap, the Rebel8 Spread The 8 Hops Snapback Cap Black is a pretty official looking snapback with it’s insignia style crest on the front catching the eye and making it worthy of the Heavie Dutie Style #HDRATED seal of approval. As well as this the woven flag label on the back and the green underside of the contrasting peak all bringing in that bit of extra detail that makes this such a loveable bit of headwear.

Rebel8 Spread The 8 Hops Snapback Cap Black

REBEL8 Freedom T Shirt £32.49

So this one is pretty patriotic. All US flag in the eight and in your face design. The REBEL8 Freedom T-Shirt is certainly making a statement. The bold colouring of the American Eagle stands ahead of the REBEL8 logo attacking your eyes with it’s bright white body and blue outlined feathers giving a powerful look that i’m tempted to get hold of.

Rebel8 Freedom T Shirt Black

So there you have some of my favourites and if you’ve not quite seen what you want but can see the quality of the REBEL8 roster then take a look at the full REBEL8 5Pointz collection here and cop yourself a discount of 10% with the code PRB11 at the 5Pointz checkout until Sunday 1st November 2015.

Heavie Dutie Hero branding

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