Weird Ape got that Sole! – Watch Out Wednesday

juva1 of Heavie Dutie Style wearing a Weird Ape Abbrecci Sole watch at work

So this isn’t the first time i’ve written about Weird Ape watches, and that previous post around 17 months ago is also the reason why i’m now writing this one!

How this post came about

Having seen my previous post (Watch Out Wednesday #WOW – Weird Ape watches Top 15!), although now not as impressive as it once was, I was contacted by the promo team for Weird Ape and asked if i’d be happy to write a post on one of their products, so I took a look through the range, picked the Abbrecci Sole skeleton watch as one of my favourites and hey presto it appeared through my letterbox a week or so later!

Unpacking my Weird Ape watch

So as I opened the package expectantly I wasn’t to be disappointed. I first got a glimpse of the black bag that housed my soon to be watch with it’s Weird Ape branded logo across the front cheekily smirking up at me knowing i’d be impressed by what i’d find inside!

Weird Ape Watches on Heavie Dutie Style

Having taken the watch out I could see why the Weird Ape looked so smug as what was lying in wait inside the pouch looked way more expensive than the modest £29 price it’s available for. Although the simply placed hour lines upon the glass betray the expensive look of the watch the gold and silver styled interior of this skeleton watch features a number of beautifully cut shapes that give a depth to the watch face and help to show off the mechanism ticking away underneath.

Above the beautifully styled watch interior and ticking away proudly are the hands. Keeping it simple with gold edged white hour and minute hands and a busy black second timer buzzing swiftly around the intricate face theres something mesmeric about their movement around the such a beautifully designed timepiece.

Below you can see it in all it’s glory! In place and, on point, looking fresh. With the beautiful workmanship, detailed watch face and sumptuous strap all coming together to give a look of luxury that ticks all the boxes in terms of style and suitability, I got the impression that  it will look fresh teaming it up with a range of outfits, whether you’re the smart suit type or more of a casual cool type of guy!

Weird Ape Abbrecci Sole on wrist!

Trying the watch on for the first time I was highly impressed it sits comfortably on the wrist and is easy enough to set-up and sort out, quickly getting going as you wind it up ready for action. The only potential problem was that on first impressions the faux leather strap seemed a little inflexible and something I needed to try out so on to the work test it went!

Testing out the Weird Ape Abbrecci Sole at work! 

To test my first thoughts on the watch and get a better understanding of how it handles day-to-day I decided to take it with me on the serious business of a day at work. Having found the strap to feel a little bit cumbersome I was pleased to realise that this was just a part of wearing the watch in and that it is no problem when worn throughout the day. In fact it is so comfortable that it begins to become a part of your arm and doesn’t become prohibitive to the tapping away on the keyboard that my standard workday usually involves!!

juva1 of Heavie Dutie Style wearing a Weird Ape Abbrecci Sole watch at work

Not only does it feel the part, but it also looks it. As having it on my wrist throughout the day I noticed further elements of detail that made me fell even more love for this reasonably priced timepiece. For example the strap has ‘abbrecci’ detailing etched into it as well as printed onto the glass on the underside of the watch.

Abbrecci Sole watch 'Abbrecci' etching in buckle of watch strap

So having rocked the Weird Ape Abbrecci Sole for a day at work i’m pleased to say it more than met my expectations and looks to be an extremely worthwhile watch to wear. With its extremely generous pricing, and the opportunity to look a million dollars for a fraction of the cost of the usual statement watch, at this point I can only recommend the Abbrecci Sole.

Check out a Weird Ape watch and let me know!

If you want to find out more about this or other watches in the range, take a look at and let me know what you think of the watches you choose.

You can get the full spec rundown of the Abbrecci Sole here.

Heavie Dutie Hero Branding

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