Time for Stranger Time to become a familiar face on the watch scene – Watch Out Wednesday #WOW

It’s time to watch out for Stranger to become a familiar face as they saddle up to take on the watchmaking world and attempt to reach $10k with their indiegogo campaign!

Heavie Dutie Style presents Stranger Time watches

So what are they about?

According to their indiegogo page their watches are:

‘Stranger Than Your Average, Better Than Your Best – Quality Timepieces without heavy price tag.’

but behind Miami based Watch Company Stranger Time is a company that wants you to celebrate being yourself and standing for more than the ordinary as they strive to do the same through building their brand and start-up with their limited edition launch collection that has a unique story of its own.

Using the childhood memories of co-founder Jahn Karsybaev, who grew up in the city of Taraz (Kazakhstan) in the early 80’s and often visited his uncle’s horse ranch, the limited edition watches are called Thoroughbreds, take into account the elegant and powerful creatures Jahn would get to see first hand every Summer.

Heavie Dutie Style presents Stranger Time watches

Seeing his uncle turn wild animals into beautiful galloping horses as he grew up really made a mark on Jahn and the first Stranger Time collection provided the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the inspiration he gained from it.

So onto the collection…

The Thoroughbred Collection is made up of four models, based on the breeds of horses Jahn saw first-hand at his uncles ranch, Akhal Teke, Andalusian, Mangalarga and Oldenburg.

Heavie Dutie Style presents Stranger Time black strap watches

With the vision to create “an elegant yet minimalistic timepiece without too much sophistication and complexity in design and movement.” they have gone about their designs brilliantly, putting together a number of elements including 3 sub-dials that provide you with the week, the month, the 24 hour and the date, within the watch face but, without looking too cluttered. All of this is done in a subtle yet simple way that shows the attention and care that has gone into their designs.

Heavie Dutie Style presents Stranger Time brown strap watches

Along with this the stats for the more in-depth knowledgeable watch fans include a 42mm case, 316L features, patterned side grain designs and sapphire crystal with Anti-Reflective coating alongside a leather strap that compliments each design nicely.

With the business looking to break the 10k barrier in the next few weeks and currently looking for backers the watches come in at just over half their RRP on the Stranger indiegogo page, providing great value for what look likely to be stunning watches.

Heavie Dutie Style presents Stranger Time Thoroughbred collection

Join Stranger Time for the ride!

So don’t have a mare, get acquainted with the stranger in the room and shout yourself hoarse as you tell all your friends!

You can check out Stranger Time at

Website: strangertime.com

indiegogo: indiegogo.com/projects/stranger-watches-thoroughbred-collection

Instagram: @strangerwatches.com

Facebook: /strangerwatches

Heavie Dutie Hero Branding

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