LunoWear help watch lovers see the wood from the trees – Watch Out Wednesday

Indiegogo sensation LunoWear watches are made from trees but they’re anything but wooden!!!

LunoWear watches founders Ryan & Bo show off their products

When we’re tipped off to something stylish we’re always willing to share it, and having recently been given an insight into the LunoWear watches story, we wanted to make sure more people got to see what is already becoming a runaway success.

These stylish wooden watches are lightweight but look to be making some real heavyweight moves with their Indiegogo campaign making over $190,000 at time of writing, around $180,000 more than their funding goal.

With just under two weeks still to go to buy one and become an Elite LunoWear Member (eligible for 20% off any of their future watches for life if you spend over $45) now’s the time to grab yourself a bargain and become part of the movement.

The Background to LunoWear

Founded by lifelong friends Boman Farrer and Ryan Krantz their all-natural watches also honour the four generations of watchmaking skills in the Farrer family as Boman explains “For as long as I can remember I’ve loved watching my grandfather work on watches,”

Bo his watch maker grandfather
Boman & his watchmaking Grandfather

“It was more than just a curiosity, it was a fascination. I developed a passion for watches and watchmaking from my family’s legacy in the industry, and it was that passion that inspired and motivated me to embark on this project.” Boman Farrer Co-Founder of LunoWear on his watchmaking family

So lets take a look at these bamboo badboys (there is also an ebony option but I couldn’t resist that one!) in a bit more depth.

The Watches

Their first collection is made up of three styles for men and five for women, that those who pledge allegiance to the LunoWear cause can pick from when the Indiegogo campaign finishes on the 14th of June, and as you can see below they’ve go a lot going for them.

LunoWear watches spec list

As the LunoWear Indigogo page explains the highlights of the watches include a unique richly textured and all natural bamboo or ebony wood casing, a high quality leather band, as well as using the experience of the Farrer family to pick out a highly accurate quartz movement, courtesy of the Japanese.

As well as this these durable watches have a stand-out look that celebrates the outdoor lifestyle the company founders love, but still have enough about them to make waves with streetwear aficionados and watch lovers alike.

Luno logo love

One thing they’ve not credited themselves enough on are their two logos, a swirling Luno attached to a triangle on the women’s and the more solid and blocky version taking up resident on the face of the mens watches. Both just another feature of a keen eye for design that runs throughout all of the products they have showcased thus far.

Luno triangle logo

orca luno men's watch

What was even more striking about the watches is the amount of time, effort, care and honesty that have gone into them making it to this point and dealing with the bumps along the road to their current success.

This is easy to clock through the different timepiece variations, the clear direction of the brand and the wide selection of information and videos that they have created to outline what they’re doing. This passion both gives the feeling that these guys are here to stay and also acts as inspiration to others who want to make their own ideas work, something that we’re always happy to showcase.

Lunowear womens watches

So what are your options?

Although the early bird specials are all sold-out, there are still a great range of options available until the  including the 2 watch early-bird for $107, 1 watch for $65 all the way up to a 10 watch special of $415 and all with 20% off for life as you become an Elite LunoWear Member when you hit that buy button on the LunoWear Indiegogo page.

So if you’ve not got wood over these watches there’s something wrong with you (or you’re one of the female fans of the LunoWear look!) and we’re looking forward to seeing their wooden watches gain a forest of fans as they move into production.

You can currently pre-order LunoWear watches on the LunoWear Indiegogo page.

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