RMD have the character to succeed in the streetwear game

Coming with their first tees, and bringing the positive vibes, RMD (Realising My Dreams) are a brand worth checking out when making your next streetwear purchase. 

Heavie Dutie Style presents Realising  My Dreams

It’s always good to see new brands coming through with a mission to inspire others and at Heavie Dutie Style that’s something that resonates with us, so when we were contacted by Nnanna, one of the founders of RMD, and saw the dope tees they have on offer for their first foray into the game, we thought it only right to share the love!

Realising My Dreams wall shot

So on to their tees; RMD are starting with one design available on a black or white tee and, with a sustainable model, hope to put their profits into growing their range and spreading positivity. Their design features a hefty swirling RMD logo across the chest that we can see appealing to many a streetwear fan, and along with this there is a twist, in the form ofg a character in the bottom corner of the tee. This is one of the brands key calling cards, and definitely helps to give a unique edge to their product in what is an extremely competitive market.

Heavie Dutie presents RMD

With the aim of using characters “that will represent achievements” as a part of their on going designs they have started by dropping the ‘Monster in a Suit’ onto the bottom corner of their original tees to give another dimension to the design, and act as a reminder of the journey both they, and you, are on.

It is about knowing what you want to achieve, feeling the energy of it, knowing that is where you’re supposed to be but at that point in time feeling so far away from it. , – Nnanna, Co-Founder RMD

When speaking with Nnanna he outlined the meaning behind the monster as “knowing what you want to achieve, feeling the energy of it, knowing that is where you’re supposed to be but at that point in time feeling so far away from it”. From seeing what he had to say it seems that in many ways the use of this character acts as both a symbol of the struggle that they, and many others go through to achieve their goals, but also a reminder of the journey so far and the achievements that come with it (like being featured by Heavie Dutie Style!!!).

Heavie Dutie showcases RMD white with black text tee

But as well as their endeavour to inspire and build up others who want to follow their path we were also vibing the tees and the ability to match a quirky character design with a more prominent handwritten style logo across the chest. By getting the balance right and creating something that has a strong and versatile monochrome look we think they’ve really brought the dream to reality, and all at a pretty reasonable price of £15.00! #HDRATED

You can get hold of a tee by RMD here

Heavie Dutie Style

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