Nike Air Max Day favourites

Nike Air Max Day celebrated in Paris Metro Station
Nike Air Max Day celebrated in Paris Metro Station

Heavie Dutie Style’s @juva1 picks out some of the best Nike Air Max Day celebration from across the web.

With Air Max Day coming up on Thursday the 26th Nike will be celebrating 28 years since the release of the first of their iconic Air Max releases. Originally designed by Tinker Hatfield there have been a number of variations released over the years since the original Air Max One dropped in 1987.

As Air Max day creeps ever closer we have seen a number of cool celebrations of one of Nike’s most iconic kicks that we thought were worth a mention, and showcase the inspiration to fashion and culture that the Nike Air Max trainers have had.

Paris Metro Station pays it’s respects!

Having probably had millions of Nike Air Max clad Parisians trudge through it the Paris Metro Station seems to be one of the best places to house an installation in reverence of the streetwear favourite.

With the walls housing a Nike logo, a piece in reverence to the visible bubble that makes the Air Max what it is, and another spelling it out for anyone who still isn’t sure what’s going on, it’s definitely a stand out feature. Take a look at all of the pics on the Hypebeast website:

Hypebeast – Paris Metro Station Celebrates Air Max Day

Complex illustration of the history of the Air Max

Complex have come at Air Max Day with a whole suite of genius, sharing a mixture of dope illustrations of Nike Air Max styles over the years, an Air Max IQ quiz that lets you test your knowledge and share it on social, an Air Max Guide that gives the lowdown on the various dope iterations that have existed since 1987, and a tab at the ready for Air Max Day.

All of this they do to “allow the Air Max to tell a story seldom heard: its own”.

“it is only fitting that we here allow the Air Max to tell a story seldom heard: its own” –

Make sure you check out the dopeness brought to you by illustrators Larry Luk, Careaux, Harsky and designer Kevin Luyster on the Complex Rewind of Air Max page.

Air Max 90 illustration from
Air Max 90 illustration from

Size? Air their Authorities in video series

Size joined forces with Nike to drop a video series from some well placed and well known Air Max enthusiasts including Team GB athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton, Size? and Footpatrol Managing Director Paul Ruffles, musician Mikill Pane, designer Cloth Surgeon and artist and Nike collaborator Dave White.

With each interviewee bringing a different angle to the impact one of Nike’s footwear favourites has had on their life & style these videos are an engaging watch and bring a different angle to the Air Max story.

Here’s our favourite so far from Mikill Pane as he discusses his HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE Air Max collection and the link Air Max’s have with UK hip-hop.

You can check out the the whole series on the Size? website:

Nike & size? Present: Authorities on Air

If you’ve seen anything else you think is worth a mention for Air Max Day 2015 then please share it with us and here’s to a great Air Max Day 2015!

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