12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts #12 – Our Top 12 for the streetwear savvy

Having given you 11 days of quality gifts, here comes our pick of the bunch, looking back through our posts from the last 11 days to give you 12 of our favourites. So here we go straight into the action.

#12 Mahabis Slippers (£49.00)

Who wouldn’t want a good pair of slippers for the winter months? Mahabis are offering slippers that are a cut above the average slipper on the market and would make a great present option. With the opportunity to add soles to wear them outdoors as well as in you can even wear them as shoes if you so wish!

Read more about Mahabis Slippers in our #8th 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts

dark_grey_grey2 mahabis

#11 Scaramouche & Fandango Sports Gift Set

Just one of a number of brilliant male grooming gifts available at Mankind this Sports Gift Set from Scaramouche & Fandango consists of a wash bag, sports wash and Eau de Toilette.


#10 JASON MARKK 4oz. Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit £16.00

One of a number of Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning products showcased in the 2nd of our 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts posts, this kit is a good all rounder to get for any sneakerheads you know this Christmas.

Read our 2nd #HDRATED Christmas gifts post to find out more about Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning products  

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit

#9 Vans Era PRM (£57.00)

The Vans ERA PRM are a good choice for a number of reasons. Simple design, durable and able to go with a number of different outfits, they are a solid present choice.

Read about more of the great gift options at Size? in our 4th #HDRATED Christmas gifts post

Vans Era PRM


The Pop Outdoor Spotted Jumper from Ark. As we mentioned in our 11th #HDRATED Christmas gifts post “this is a brash jumper that will make you the centre of attention at any seasonal social gatherings.”

Read about more classic Christmas knits from Ark in our 11th #HDRATED Christmas gifts post

Pop Outdoor Spotted Jumper

#7 G-Shock DW-6900SC-7E (£100.00)

Twinkle twinkle little stars! This is a watch with star quality and will definitely leave your wrist shining..

Read more about the G-Shock Crazy Colours range in our 9th #HDRATED Christmas gifts post

G-Shock DW-6900SC-7ER

#6 Arkin Supply Harrison Bi-Fold Wallet £65.00

There are lots of quality leather goods from Arkin Supply and the Harrison Bi-Fold Wallet looks like a great new gift to keep your post Christmas cobwebs in!

Get the low-down on Arkin Supply with our 7th #HDRATED Christmas gifts post


#5 Fabio Coruzzi LA, By The Freway #4 – $110.00

For post 5 in our #HDRATED Christmas gifts series we went in a slightly different direction to normal and picked out some Street Art from the Saatchi Art website. This brought to our attention some of the fabulous work by Fabio Coruzzi. So whether you’re looking to decorate a stylish flat or spruce up your office or studio space LA By The Freeway is a great piece to purchase.

Find out more about Fabio Coruzzi in our 5th #HDRATED Christmas gifts post

Fabio Coruzzi LA, By the freeway 4

#4 Shore Projects Christmas Gift Box

One of our favourite independent brands, boasting cool concept watches, Shore Projects have a perfect present option in the shape of their Christmas Gift Box. All you need to do is pick a watch and a selection of straps and you’ll have a premium present.

Get more info on the Shore Projects Christmas Gift Box in our 3rd #HDRATED Christmas gifts post

Whitstable Watch by Shore Projects

#3 Open River Parka Jacket (£60.00)

The first of two great picks from our 10 Winter Wonders by Open This is a quality Parka available at a relatively reasonable price form a store we are really giving the #HDRATED seal of approval right now.

Find out about the Open River Parka and more in our 10th #HDRATED Christmas gifts post

OPEN River Parka Jacket

#2 Ultimate Cap Care Kit £44.00 (down from £55.00)

We love our caps here at @HDStyleHQ so any way we can keep our favourites looking fresh for longer is worth looking in to, especially when Classic cap brand New Era are the ones providing it.

Head over to our 1st #HDRATED Christmas gifts post to check out New Era Christmas gifts

New Era Ultimate Cap Care Kit

#1 Open Shirley Boot (£40.00)

See the Open Shirley Boot and other great style choices by Open from our 10th #HDRATED Christmas gift post

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it might well be a white one, so what better gift than a pair of sturdy boots. These Shirley Boots from Open will definitely do the business and with a lot of style to go with the sturdiness!

OPEN Shirley Boot

Heavie Dutie Style

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