Ark know their patterned knits – 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts #11

A bit of a tongue in cheek look at some festive knits for Christmas jumper Day, and we’ve chosen to showcase some of the best patterned knits Ark have to offer. So here are four woolly winners to check out.


A novelty choice, this is a tree and reindeer overload but one we’re getting a lot of festive enjoyment from. It might be too late to get it for #xmasjumperday but you can still rock this over the next few weeks and give it some Christmas coolness!!!

ARK Clothing pop loadsa deer knit


A quirky pattern that reminds us of the piranha plants in Super Mario (is it just us?). This is a nice look that doesn’t take it too far into patterned madnessand is available for just 20 quid.

Bellfield Greger Crew Neck Jumoper


It’s hard not to be spotted in the Pop Outdoor Spotted Jumper. This a brash jumper that will make you the centre of attention at any seasonal social gatherings.

Pop Outdoor Spotted Jumper

Nicce Webb Crew Neck Knit (£49.00)

This one’s coming from the left-field of jumper designs, and is probably a bit of a marmite choice, but there’s something stand-out about this that makes it worth taking a punt on. A bit pricier than the other options on show here but we can’t knock Nicce for providing something that sits outside of the box.

Nicce Webb Crew Neck Knit

Click here to check out more patterned knits from Ark Clothing, and look out for the last in our #HDRATED Christmas gifts series.

Heavie Dutie Style

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