G-Shock Crazy Colours #WOW – 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas Gifts #9

G-Shock Crazy Colours at Casio Online

We love a good Casio G-Shock here at Heavie Dutie Style, and we’re sure they will be on plenty of peoples Christmas lists this year, so when we saw the craziness of the crazy colours range at Casio Online we knew these would be a fun festive choice of watch for our 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas Gifts.

1. G-Shock GA-400-2AER (£120.00)

Our first pick resembles a Play-Doh creation with a watch attached, but why not have a crazy watch in your collection to go with some of your more daring outfits, or to stand out with a simple monotone outfit. With dual analogue and digital displays and an almost Brazilian look about the watch this is a solid and stylish choice first up.

G-Shock A-400-2AER

2. G-Shock GA-400-9AER (£120.00)

This bee-autiful watch will have its owner looking fly and buzzing around with pride. Although the yellow outer and strap give wrists the look of a toxic warning sign you won’t be looking waste in this beast!

Casio GA-400-9AER

3. G-Shock DW-6900SC-7E (£100.00)

A bit less balshy than the last two watches but this one will leave you starry eyed with are starred face design with a digital panel taking up the bottom half. It’s less colourful but still crazily cool enough to put it on our wanted list!G-Shock DW-6900SC-7ER

If you like your watch slightly less crazy then there are also plenty of more original styles available including the GA-400-1AER with a chess board style black & white look that will still stand out on your wrist but in less of a skittles and more a blackjack style!

Black & White G-Shock

You can get hold of a number of G-Shock Crazy Colours watches and more at CasioOnline.co.uk.

Look out for our next #HDRATED Christmas Gift post coming tomorrow to HeavieDutieStyle.com.

Heavie Dutie Style

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