Arkin Supply Handcrafted Leather Goods – 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts #7

Arkin Supply logo

After taking a day of rest on Sunday we’re back with another great gift option for Christmas. This one comes from Arkin Supply, a brand that has come to our attention recently, who design and produce handcrafted leather goods including wallets, device cases and sunglasses cases. With rugged and minimalist approach to their ‘inherently rock & roll’ designs we thought it was only right we share a few of their products.

Farnham Card Wallet £35.00

This wallet is a slim stylish way to carry cards and notes and will do the job nicely as a christmas present.


Harrison Bi-Fold Wallet £65.00

The Harrison Bi-Fold Wallet plenty of pockets and is the most substantial on offer with a pocket for notes, two card slots and a couple more inner pockets for whatever else you feel the need to carry.


Phone Case £45.00

Keep it classy with this leather smartphone case that will keep your phone safe from the elements!

Arkin Phone-Case-Black-Front

Triangular Coin Pouch £25.00

A simple idea, but simple ideas are often the best. This is great for keeping your coins together and is the perfect option for travelling light for a night on the town.

Triangular-Coin-Purse-Black-Front by Arkin

So make sure to check out the great products over at Arkin Supply and look out for our next post for part 8 of our Christmas gifts selections!

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