Street Art by Fabio Coruzzi from Saatchi Art – 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts #5

With most of our posts focusing on clothing or music we were thinking that the #HDRATED Christmas gifts guide was a good platform to throw in a bit of a curveball and showcase something from Saatchi Art the world’s leading online art gallery. So if your style sensibilities go further than just clothing and accessories, to also making sure you dress up your home appropriately, then this one is for you.

Having looked at a fair bit of the Street Art paintings available on the Saatchi Art website there is plenty to be impressed with, but in particular one artists work continually stood out for us. Hailing from Italy in 1975, but dividing his time up between London and LA, Fabio Coruzzi seems able to encapsulate the scenes he paints in a colourful and effervescent way. With the wish that his works should be like a poem of the places he’s been there is definitely something poetic about the way he captures a variety of scenes. Below we showcase three of his works that would make great Christmas gift options, and we’ll leave his poems to speak to you for themselves.


Downtown from the sky 2 Fabio Coruzzo


Fabio Coruzzi LA, By the freeway 4


Fabio Corruzi Walking downtown 2

You can Check out all of Fabio Corruzi’s work on Saatchi Art and make sure you check back to see our next instalment of #HDRATED Christmas gifts.

Heavie Dutie Style

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