4 picks from the Size? Christmas Gift Guide – 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts #4

Having been sent through the Size? Christmas Gift Guide the other day there were four distinct gift guide sections, so why not share it with you as the fourth of the 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts series? You don’t need to feel the need to answer that, it’s just a very tenuous link that we kind of liked!

More impressive than our fairly poor segway into this article are the options available at Size?, broken down into gifts under £10.00, under £30.00, under £60.00 and over £60.00. Being a real trendsetter in the street wear style scene there are plenty of strong gift choices available from Size? and we’ve picked a few of our favourites below to point you in the right direction.
Size Christmas Gift Guide

#1. Gifts Under £10.00 – It’s got to be socks!

This isn’t so much of a definitive decision than a nod towards one of the stocking filling Christmas favourites. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, what is their not to like about a trusty pair of socks to keep the heat with your feet! The pair pictured below feature the classic Stussy 8 Ball and are available just £6.00. There’s also a good selection of other small gifts including Converse key rings, laces, and a couple of bobble hats that are all great little festive present  additions.

Take a closer look at the Stussy 8 Ball Cruze Sock ‘World Cup Pack’ and other gifts on offer for under £10.00

Stussy 8 Ball Cruze Sock 'World Cup Pack'

#2. Gifts Under £30.00 including Penfield Lalo gloves

With the Penfield Lalo gloves available in a range of colours for £20.00 this is another choice born out of necessity in the cold climate of the winter months! Available in navy with yellow and white design, black with red and white and grey with navy and white there are a good number of options. All featuring branding across the top of the hand, a fleece lining, ribbed wrist and tonal stitching there’s plenty of reasons to get your hands on (or in) them.

Get your hands on the Penfield Lalo gloves or other great Christmas gifts for under £30.00

Penfield Lalo Gloves £20.00 at Size?

#3. Gifts Under £60.00 including the Vans Era PRM

With plenty of pieces available from tees, to jackets, wallets to kicks we went for the former and picked out the tasteful Vans Era PRM. A big brand and popular for a wide range of style fans these are a good go to present option and can work with smarter or more casual outfits. Available in white or black leather upper that make them more durable in the wet weather Santa is definitely making a big man move if he drops this at your doorstep!

Kick on with your Christmas shopping; Vans Era PRM and other gifts for under £60.00

Vans Era PRM

#4. Gifts Over £60.00 including Herschel Bags

There are plenty of premium present options available in the over £60.00 section of the Size Christmas Gift Guide, and as you can imagine, plenty of serious sneakers. But seeing as we’ve already put forward the Vans Era PRM for the under £60.00 range we thought it best to pick out something that can help you to pack a fashion punch or two! The Herschel over £60.00 bag range is pretty dope as the Herschel Novel Duffle Bag pictured below shows. With backpacks, a laptop bag and a wheelie case also available there’s a good case for bagging one of them!

Pack in the premium presents with Herschel bags and more gifts over £60.00

Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

Click here to check out all of the Size? Christmas Gift Guide or check back to Heavie Dutie Style tomorrow to take a look at day 5 of the 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts.

Heavie Dutie Style

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