Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner – 12 Days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts #2

Jason Markk towel

Yesterday we gave a share to the headwear care with our New Era Christmas Gifts and today we’re going to focus on looking on gifts to help the street wear savvy sneakerheads to keep a shine on their shoe game with Jason Markk premium shoe cleaning products available at Concept By Cruise.

With scuffed or dirty shoes being one of many kick collectors worst nightmares Jason Markk products have helped keep many pairs of premium footwear pristine for longer and if you know someone who likes to keep their kicks clean then one of the following products could be a perfect stocking filler.

JASON MARKK 4oz. Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit £16.00

The Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit provides all of the components needed to help footwear freshness. Including a hand crafted standard bristle brush to take out stubborn stains or clear out crusty soles, a premium microfiber absorbent towel to buff up delicate materials and a 4oz. bottle of cleaning formula made up of natural and biodegradable ingredients that will give your creps a new lease of life, this is a pouch that packs a powerful punch, or should that be kick!

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit

JASON MARKK 8oz. Premium Shoe Cleaner £17.00

An 8oz bottle of this magic formula will clean up to 200 pairs of trainers (or the one pair 200 times!) is made up of 98.3% of natural formula and cleans all kinds of fabrics capably. So if you’re getting yourself or a loved one a pair of pearly whites then this might just be the stuff to keep them popping off on all occasions.

Jason Markk 8oz Premium Shoe Cleaner

JASON MARKK Premium Cleaning Brush £10.00

If the aim of the game is to be able to brush off any trainer mishaps then the Jason Markk Premium Cleaning Brush will enable any shoe fiend to be able to clean off any multitude of sins. With a hand crafted walnut wood handle and soft hog hair providing a great solution to cleaning off dirt from softer, more delicate materials and meshes this would be a great choice to keep an ace pair of Air Max’s in good shape.

Jason Markk Premium Cleaning Brush

JASON MARKK Premium Microfiber Towel £10.00

With tastefully placed Jason Markk branding in the corner this non-abrasive, 12×12″, micro absorbent towel is a premium piece of kit for taking care of premium kicks. Perfect for looking after leather and other more hardy materials you can make sure to wash what you’ve been walking on or drive off the dirt from the dancefloor.

Jason Markk towelSo there you have it, to look after your kicks and keep off those marks get hold of some Jason Markk shoe cleaning products this Christmas and look out for our next instalment of #HDRATED Christmas Gifts coming soon…

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