New Era Christmas Gifts – 12 days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts for the streetwear savvy #1

With December now upon us and the madness of black Friday & Cyber Monday nearly over you are probably still on the lookout for some top presents for a street wear savvy friend, family member, significant other, or even just for yourself!

Having had a look through a few of the options available and seeing what various brands and websites have to offer we thought we’d give you 12 options over the coming weeks to help you get buying presents for others (or yourself!).

#1 Take Care Of Your Caps With New Era Christmas Gifts

New Era website

First up we thought we’d go big and share the pretty christmastastic gifts section on the New Era website. There are a number of great options available for the cap connoisseur and here are just a few.

Ultimate Cap Care Kit £44.00 (down from £55.00)

This really is what it says it is! With a cap storage system, a re-cap cleaning kit and a cap brush all included this will help keep your New Era selections ‘so fresh and so clean’ to use the words of Outkast! With 20% off it’s a great deal and gives you all you need to keep your cap cap game on point.

New Era Ultimate Cap Care Kit

New Era Japan Day Pack £40.00

A sleek and well made backpack, the New Era Japan Day Pack’s features include a reinforced base and contoured shoulder straps to keep it comfortable on the go. Pretty cool and fairly affordable this is a good option for those on the go who want to get some brilliance to wear on your back.

New Era Japan Day Pack

New Era 6 Cap Carry Case £25.00

Owned by many cap enthusiasts, and craved by many others, the New Era 6 Cap Carry Case definitely carries currency with the avid hat fan, protecting hats and providing 6 opportunities to rock a different fitted or snapback whilst on the move.

New Era 6 Cap Carry Case

So here are a few festive gift ideas, and there are many more including the pretty classic New Era Mini Cap USB Drive. To check out the full selection head to the New Era Christmas Gifts page.

To see our second instalment take a look at 12 days of #HDRATED Christmas gifts #2 – Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner.

Heavie Dutie Style

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