5 top Stuhrling watches for under £100 – Watch Out Wednesday #WOW

Stuhrling watches logo


Having not posted a Watch Out Wednesday post for a while we’ve been tempted back in to it by seeing some of the quality watches on offer from Stuhrling. With their mission statement “to identify the best that luxury watchmaking has to offer; then incorporate these ideas into fresh new designs that exhibit opulence, fashion, strength, and longevity” they seem to have the right idea, and with the wide range of stand-out watches they have available they’re definitely following up on their claims.

With a dedication to the craftsmanship of yesteryear being at the heart of their identity there is a classic look to a lot of the watches they create, but although they provide quality watches they “endeavor to provide the best in watchmaking at the most attainable price.” So with that in mind we have picked out 5 of their watches we’re rating at under £100, and because we couldn’t resist, a few of their all singing all dancing creations that will set you back a few more stuhrling!

Stuhrling Original Men’s 601.33152 Classic Swiss ‘Ascot’ Watch £53.94

This is simplicity personified with a stainless steel case encapsulating a clean watch face using single lines for all but the 12th hour. With ‘Stuhrling Original’ placed just beneath the 12th hour and sleek hour and minute hands dancing around the face this has an air of understated quality that can be worn with a variety of outfits in a number of settings.

Stuhrling Original Men’s 172.33151 Lexington Automatic Skeleton Black Dial Watch £79.99

We always like to see some internal organs on show on our watches and this is one of a number on this post that fit the bill nicely on that front. With its cogs being on show for all to see, the centre of this Stuhrling Original is definitively the centre piece of this creation. But not to be outdone the blue hands stand out from it like beacons of time telling! Again a stainless steel casing contains this dynamite watch and the black strap takes it down a notch from the watch it supports and lets it take the limelight perfectly.

Stuhrling Original Classique Delphi Atrium Men’s Automatic Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Black Leather Strap £80.55

If you like bold, brash numerals on your watches then we have your number with the  Stuhrling Original Classique Delphi Atrium. Another with a bit of its insides showing, the skeleton portal is slightly less prominent here, with the space given to the sundial style around the outside. Another beaut of a watch and a classy look for sure.

Stuhrling Original Classic Somerset Elite Men’s Quartz Watch with Silver Dial Analogue Display and Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet £62.69

Now this is a good choice, such a good choice in fact that both this and its black counterpart are in our top 5. It could be seen as fairly plain on initial looks, but to think that would be a fail of epic proportions. This is less flashy than some of the other timepieces on show but the Stuhrling Original Classic Somerset Elite is all about the details. From the 12 and 6 being numbered to stand out from the other hours, to the silver stamped design of the watch face and stainless steel mesh bracelet,this is a bit of a beaut.

Stuhrling Original Classic Somerset Elite Men’s Quartz Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Black Stainless Steel Plated Bracelet £76.77

Well what can I say about this one! If you take what i’ve just said about the silver version above then you know i’ve only got good things to say about the black version. However i’m feeling this one even more. Being in black gives the Stuhrling Original Classic Somerset Elite an even more understated feel that is nicely highlighted by the gold tone on the arabic numerals. Great for a black on black ensemble and able to set your wrist game on fire effortlessly this one is a real piece of black magic #HDRATED

A few more for a few hundred Stuhrling!

As well as picking out some of the more affordable styles on offer from Stuhrling I came across three of the best watches available at a slightly higher price point. They are still fairly affordable but these silver, black and gold models are all pretty next level with their Stuhrling skeletons and other features visual treats for anyone that looks at the wearers wrist.

Two of the three on show are the Stuhrling Original Special Reserve Emperor’s Grandeur and sandwiched between the silver and gold beauties, that any Emperor would be proud of, is another dark horse in the form of the Winchester Grand Automatic Skeleton watch that helps to separate the flashiness of the other two and give your eyes a rest in between the sheen!

Stuhrling Original Special Reserve Emperor’s Grandeur Men’s Automatic Watch with Silver Dial Analogue Display and Blue Leather Strap £302.38


Stuhrling Original Men’s 165B.335569 Lifestyles Winchester Grand Automatic Skeleton Watch £127.00

Stuhrling Original Special Reserve Emperor’s Grandeur Men’s Automatic Watch with Gold Dial Analogue Display and Black Leather Strap £172.00

Well as you can see there are plenty of great watches on offer from Stuhrling, and these are but just a few. But you can check out an even bigger selection of Stuhrling Watches on the Amazon website.

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