Three #Winning Winter Coats at Ark

The nights are drawing in, the temp is dropping and it’s all getting a bit dull and dreary! Winter is edging closer and before you know it you’ll need a big bad coat to keep the cold out. Having been sent through some of the coats on offer from the good folks at Ark I think some of you fashion forward animals will soon be flocking in two by two to get yourself a serious jacket to get you through the frosty mornings and chilly nights in style! Take a look at these crackers and get yourself sorted suitably for the dropping temperatures (At time of writing you can also get free next day delivery on all featured jackets – well good for getting your new jacket straight out and on show!).

Farah Vintage Partridge Wadded Jacket £79.99

Farah have been back to their best vintage in the last few years and this jacket is no exception, standing out from all the Parka’s on offer this sleek and stylish jacket has the potential to be rocked in street and serious settings. The subtle touches such as the adjustable waist and hood, snap button pockets, and internal wall pocket to keep your valuables close to your chest, all add to the purchasability (is that a word?) of the Partridge. AHA! Buy the Farah Vintage Partridge Wadded Jacket at

Farah Vintage Partridge Wadded Jacket


Carhartt WIP Anchorage Parka £149.99

The Carhartt Anchorage Parka will hold firm during the cold months giving the security of its water repellant, nylon lined insulating jacket. You can also decide whether you want to go furry or bald on your adjustable hood depending on what feels comfortable or who you want to impress!!! You’ll also be well protected from the elements with a belt and braces approach to the full front closure giving you both snaps and a double edged zip. At £149.99 it’s a fair whack, but for a coat that keeps you lording it over the best the british climate wants to throw at you it may just be the best purchase you make this year. Buy the Carhartt WIP Anchorage Parka at



Fly53 Burton Cotton Parka £79.99

This khaki coat from FLY53 has something regimental about it and gives a functional vibe whilst still looking smart, stylish and from the look of these shots nicely fitted. Again there’s plenty of pockets and details and the decision has been taken with this winter coat to ditch the zip. This 100% cotton piece could pose problems on a wet day but, if there’s a winter chill, it’s well worth cottoning on to and has all the makings of a strong winter seller that FLY53 could well see take off! Buy the Fly53 Burton Cotton Parka at

Fly53 Burton Cotton Parka


As well as these three Ark have mens jackets and coats aplenty that you can buy now on the Ark website.


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