New Nike Air Max 1 Monochrome

Nike Air Max 1 Palm Leaf Monochrome
Nike Air Max 1 Palm Leaf Monochrome £95 at Size?

We’re always up for a bit of monochrome madness here at Heavie Dutie Style and these Nike Air Max 1 Monochrome are certainly that! With a patterned palm leaf upper giving a new lease of life to a classic Nike style they might well be worth you dropping some serious dough. Added to the patterned design the use of black , white and grey detailing helps to frame the patterned fabric making up the majority of the trainer.

The Nike Air Max 1 Monochrome comes from a long line of Air Max trainers that are a popular staple of the street wear scene in Britain and further afield. The Nike Air Max 1 was originally released in 1987, one of Nike designer Tinker Hatfield’s most successful creations along with another range of Nike favourites in the form of the iconic Air Jordan range. Following in the footsteps of the original Nike Air Max 1 that spawned a whole range of sneakers including the Air Max 90’s, Air Max Light’s and other classic styles, the Nike Air Max 1 Monochrome continues the tradition of great designs artistically placed on it’s continuously re-imagined canvas.

You can get your palms on this latest variety of Nike Air Max 1 Monochrome kicks now from Size? for £95. #HDRATED

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