#BEEN TRILL# custom tees website lets you loose to design

Been Trill logo

Having seen the Been Trill custom tees site over the weekend courtesy of Hypebeast i’ve been intrigued by the opportunities the streetwear brand have presented to people wanting to rock the brand in their own unique style. Although we’re now in a position where people are calling out for greater opportunity to personalise different experiences and possessions the choice by Been Trill to let people make their own take on the brand is still a brave one. By giving people the opportunity to showcase their designs and gain a bit of cash ($5 to be exact) every timer somebody orders it creates a real collaborative spirit whilst also allowing people to immerse themselves in the brand.

I’ve had a few goes at designing but I think it’s best left to our designer Sharky to do that kind of thing. I’ve got the most unsteady hand going so it’s probably best that I stick to the writing for now! Anyway back to the point in hand and Hypebeast have asked what people think about the move from Been Trill. From what i’ve seen of the comments the feedback has been less than flattering but allowing people to add their own spin to a streetwear brand is a big move and it seems to be getting lots of people involved in creating their own styles.

In the meantime if you want to give this a try for yourself then head over to the Been Trill custom tees site and check it out.

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