Watch Out Wednesday – Four of the best from Komono

On this week’s Watch Out Wednesday (#WOW) we’re showcasing some of the snazziest watches from Komono. Not for the faint of art, these timepieces will make you stand out from the crowd. Read on for four items of wrist wear that will make you feel a fool for all of those occasions when you checked the time on your mobile phone (shame on you!).

1)    Philistines – Magnus – Jean Michel Basquiat range


It’s cave painting meets Jackson Pollock on your wrist right here. Komono’s Philistines Magnus watch, featured in the Jean Michel Basquiat collection, has so much going on that it’s hard to know where to start. The face, featuring a crudely drawn crown, is regal but none too showy, whilst the strap is mesmerisingly colourful. As with other Komono watches the crown is placed slightly off-centre too, which may surprise you when you notice it.

If you want a watch that wouldn’t look out of place behind ropes at the Tate Modern, this could be the one for you. Also, the unique printing for this range ensures that no two watches are the same.

2)    Pegasus – Winston – Jean Michel Basquiat range


We’ve picked another one from the Jean Michel Basquiat collection, and it’s another with unique printing. The Pegasus provides a monochromatic alternative to the Philistines watch for those times when black and white is the way to go (but no shades of grey, sorry ladies).

The face is completely black with the exception of the red second hand. This is supplemented neatly by black scrawlings upon a white strap. All in all it creates a look reminiscent of all those creative scribbles that filled the margins of your schoolbooks. With the Pegasus you might even get some enjoyment out of seeing the hours fly by and at the very least you’ll look sharp. Just don’t go overboard with the school theme and accessorise with a tie, shorts and blazer, unless you can pull it off. Good luck with that.

3)    Fat Wizard (£41.00)


Abra-kebabra! It’s the Fat Wizard. This is one of Komono’s trademark designs and it’s simple, stylish and affordable. The one pictured here is the Sienna variation. Sienna in this instance being a creative way off saying ‘offish-orange/yellow, vaguely resembling the colour of the inside of a mango’. This one is available in a broad range of colours that aren’t really colours, such as pistachio, espresso and seafoam. It’s also available in ‘brick’, for those of you inclined towards screaming ‘I LOVE WATCH’ and throwing tridents.

Joking aside, this is a collection of bold, straightforward, appealing and easy on the eye watches. The watch and strap are rubberised and should be pretty resistant to bumps and scrapes, so there’s a nice mix of style and substance going on. A quality option for £41.

4) Powergrid (£49.99)


We’ve gone LCD for our fourth pick, the digital Powergrid watch. This one possesses a few neat functions such as an alarm (with snooze, thankfully) and an electric backlight. It’s also solar powered, so that’s a bonus for those of you who don’t live in Manchester.

The designs are pretty simple in terms of colour scheme, and Komono’s digital lines are more symmetrical than their mechanical counterparts. The colours on offer for the Powergrid are fairly distinct and should generate plenty of attention from those around you. Don’t want to pylon the Powergrid puns, but we’ll also point out that at £50 there’s nothing shocking about the price either.

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