Brave Soul swim shorts – Forget the wet and get some for the summer (when it comes!)

Seeing as there’s torrential downpours and flooding forecast for this weekend we thought swimming shorts were probably the best choice of feature!

Either you’re one of those brave souls who will wear them as a middle finger to the rain, rock them at a muddy festival (shout out to everyone at Parklife!) or you’re one f those lucky gits that is escaping it all and heading somewhere where you can actually use them beside a sun drenched pool or a banging beach.

Anyway enough of the pessimism. Whatever you choose to wear them for below are some daring, patterntastic swimming shorts from Brave Soul, available at ARK.

Black Aztec Swim Shorts (£14.99) & Teale Aztec Swim Shorts (£14.99)

With their all over patterned print giving you a good chance of being noticed and all the other mod cons included such as elasticated drawstring waistband and pockets (one of which has a velcro strap!) it’s a perfect mix of old and new! Ok so that was a bit sarcastic, but they basically do the business in swim shorts terms so all you need to do is pick your colour.

black swim shorts with a white aztec pattern print on a clothes hangar

Brave Soul Navy Floral Swim Shorts (£14.99) 

If you’re no wilting flower then this look could be for you. Show everyone your wild garden, go on! Take the plunge and take them flowers to the water.

Brave Soul Navy Floral Swim Shorts


 Brave Soul Touquoise Floral Swim Shorts (£14.99) 

Not quite as loud as the previous pair these will work for you if you want to go for slightly subtler floral print. There’s still plenty going on however with the beach house silhouettes nestled in behind the brighter flowers on closer inspection.

Brave Soul Touquoise Floral Swim Shorts



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