Manna Clothing ACID Collection – Heavie Dutie Style Spotlight #HDSS

Having watched this collection build up momentum and drop mid May we have been meaning to let you all know about the Manna from heaven that is the Manna Clothing ACID Collection. With a number of fruity designs to choose from and some moth styles not to be mothballed i’ll hereby end the cheesy intro and get into sharing the range.

Moth Socks MaroonWhite £8

If you like a good patterned pair then you can’t go wrong by socking  it to ’em with these Manna moth patterned socks in white, red or black.

Manna clothing moth socks


Acid 5 Panel £25

With a fruity pattern and a look that makes corduroy cool this 5 panel looks legit. The leather strap and refined label design on the front give this cap a premium look.

5 Panel cap

Oak Wood Sunglasses £30

These oak wood frames may make you want to branch out from the usual plastic or metallic looking pairs on the market. The wood grain adds depth and the text inside the arms give detail making these a pair you woodn’t want to miss out on!

Oak Wood Sunglasses

 ACID Pocket T-Shirt £25

With a black tee with a maroon pocket and a grey with navy pocket these nicely presented tees feature two levels of design with the Manna moth escaping from the ACID patterned pocket with the logo label at the bottom left of the garment adds a further touch of class.

Acid Pocket T-Shirt

 Real ACID Navy T-Shirt £25

With the lemon/lime design print making this a healthy style you will look fresh in this tee.


Navy Moths T-Shirt £25

Not one to get mothballed at the back of your wardrobe, this is a vibrant design that will guarantee that you look fly every time you wear it. The repeated moth design has a mesmeric quality that draws you towards it and will definitely turn heads.

Navy Moth T-Shirt

Heavie Dutie Style logo


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