Look out for Leeds latest releases (feat Mixtape Clothing & Addixx)

Ok so they’re not quite the latest releases yet but I liked the title ok!?! Two up-coming designs from Leeds brands caught my attention today whilst checking through the social media sphere. First up the new Addixx cap design that clearly shows a brand taking it up a level following on from their initial drop in March (as reported on Heavie Dutie Style). I literally flipped my lid when I saw this design, bringing the noise (colour) on the peak and then keeping it classier than Ron Burgundy with the stylish brand logo flashed across the front.



As well as this I had a further reason to tee up this blog when I saw the new Mixtape Clothing design. This tee features an all over tape design that catches the eye and features the mixtape logo emblazoned across the front. The cassette collage does the business and this is another hotly anticipated piece at HDStyleHQ!


So keep your eyes peeled for when these new drops come online and we’ll hope to keep you updated here as well as these are both #HDRATED looks!


Heavie Dutie Style logo

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