Watch Out Wednesday #WOW – #JoinTheMvmt – MVMT (Movement) Watches Top 6!

MVMT logo

I came across MVMT watches the other day on Facebook and after seeing the quality of the watches I was pretty surprised to see that their watches are in-fact within most peoples price range at around £60.

Having been an Indiegogo success story the brand were able to get press coverage from AskMen, Cool Material and Playboy amongst others and when you see what they have on offer below, you will start to see why there’s a lot of fuss around this young watch brand.

With a vision to provide “formal and casual timepieces that flow seamlessly into your lifestyle and workday without breaking your wallet” and a belief that a “quality, good looking watch doesn’t need to cost a fortune” it is pretty clear to me that their movement will go from strength to strength. Check out their current watch range below

6. White/Tan Leather (£57.30)

White watch with silver casing and black hands and details with tan leather strap

One of two current watch face types, the stainless steel case and white watch face with black detail provide a simple elegance that is given the smart casual treatment with the use of a tan leather strap. It may be bottom of this particular list, but this does it a disservice as it is still a quality look that would out do many other pieces of wrist-wear.

5. Black/Tan Leather (£57.30)

Black watch face and case with red hands and logo and tan strap

By looking at this one you might realise that i’m not a tan fan! Well at least not as much as i’m into the black or silver watch strap flex. With the black watch face and case it’s still a strong look and with the red hands and MVMT logo it reaks of quality.

4. White/Black Leather (£57.30)

White watch with silver casing and black hands and detailing with black leather strap

There are currently 6 styles of MVMT watch available, and just as it became obvious fairly quickly that I favour the black and silver straps over the tan you can also see I favour the black watch face of the two available. However this is just a personal preference and, to be honest, if I could get hold of each variation then I probably would mix it up between the silver and black. This one is just a classic looking watch with the silver and black lending it well to go nicely with a sharp suit.

3. White/Silver

White watch face with black hands and detailing with silver casing and silver metal strap

Another smart and, with the silver strap, serious look. The sort of thing Robocop might rock if he had style! In all seriousness this is a smart look and again would go well with a smart outfit, but could also shine out with a more casual look, a versatility that Movement are keen to provide throughout their range.

2. Black/Black

Black watch face and black casing with red hands and logo and black metal strap

To be fair there is hardly anything to split second and first place in these watches. The watch face is the same but it just depends which strap you’d rather have, and as i’m writing this i’m thinking maybe i’ll switch second and first around…

1. Black/Leather

Black watch face and black stainless steel casing and black leather watch strap with red hands and logo

So as you can see with both this leather strap and the the black metal these watches have an oil like slickness and the simple streaks of red on black make the watch face really mesmerising. It’s another quality piece and shows that with a few quality pieces and a few subtle changes that you can build a whole range to watch out for #HDRATED


High quality. Stylish. Watches that don’t break the bank. (Mvmt Watches)

With their fair prices and classy minimalist options we definitely think that it’s worth taking the time to #jointhemvmt here at Heavie Dutie Style. If you can’t beat them, join them, so if you’re still not sure why you should, i’m sure their promotional video will help you to understand why you should join them!

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