Small Victory Clothing Co. Top 5 – A quick win for your wardrobe – Heavie Dutie Style Spotlight #HDSS

Small Victory

Bringing their garments to you from the South Coast, Small Victory Clothing have a wide range of unisex streetwear that can provide quick wins for your wardrobe. With an impressive brand made up of quality clothing and accessories their offering has shaken us out of our style spotlight sluggishness to share our top 5 along with some of their other styles to look out for.

5. Feathers Two Tone Zip Hood by by Deer Hunter & AJL Design (£35.00 – currently sold out)



It’s currently sold out, but this is a dope looking hoodie, so I had to share it. The grey and black makes it a versatile piece and the detailing makes it stand out from a number of the other hoodies you’ll see. The font on the front looks dope and the intricacy of the crossed feathers on the back and tattoo style sword detail are enough to tickle your fancy!

4. Feathers Checked Shirt (£30.00) – mention Feathers Oxford Shirt (£30.00) 



So it’s not the first (or the last) checked shirt you’ll ever see, but it just looks dapper. It’s nicely designed, with good use of the checks on diagonals at the shoulders and on the pockets, and the label resting like a badge of honour near the waistline. Whilst i’m on the shirts it would be rude not to mention the Feathers Oxford Shirt ,a blue button down that you could wear for work or play, that is well worth a look.


3. Sir G.Hunter Tee (£18.00) & Crewneck by Deer Hunter (£25.00)

Sir G. Hunter tee


The Sir G.Hunter is a cool character design making the deer into something between a portrait reminiscent of a historic country manor or the deers head that you would find on it. Despite the random ramblings, what i’m trying to say is that this is a sick bit of garmentry and one that i’m really liking more every time I take a look at it, although still just slightly less than the one below!


2. Lord Victor Foxtrot Tee (£18.00) & Crewneck by Deer Hunter (£25)

LORD VICTOR FOXTROT CREWNECKLord Victor Foxtrot doesn’t look like the kind of chap you want to mess with.He clearly is the head of the household and you’re going to look like the Lord of the Dance floor(that’s a good thing!) if you buy this in T-Shirt or Crewneck format and rock up in it.


1. Wolves at your door tee by OBZZ (£18.00)

A wolf scene, framed by the ornate doorway into the picture. Clever fading is applied around the edges to give a weathered look and add to the legend that this tee is. #HDRATED

Wolves At Your Door tee


Honourable mentions

As well as the garments featured there are also a number of small victories that can be added to your accessories including the Classic Laser Engraved Sunglasses (pictured below) that you can cop in time for summer and the nicely embossed Feathers Leather Wallet. And as one of my favourite uses of a floral pattern on a tee you should also look out for (or pre-order to avoid disappointment) the Floral Swords Tee by OBZZ bringng the floral and the logo neatly together.

Classic Laser Engraved Sunglasses







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