Watch Out Wednesday #WOW – The Top 4 Stylish Smartwatches

Watches are evolving alongside our tech to give us some James Bond style abilities on the go (no lasers just yet). The likes of Galaxy GearSony Smartwatch 2 and I’m Watch are the more well known wearable gadgets on the market, but we have a selection of some more unique looking options on offer that combine futuristic AND fresh.

4. G-Shock  GB-6900B/GB-X6900B

Casio G Shock GB6900 Bluetooth Watch

Compatibility: Android and IOS I Price: £160 ( I

Classic G-Shock styling from Casio with their attempt at tech integrated watches. The iconic look appears unassuming but unlike the models its based on it allows for connectivity with smartphones. Yes the display packs a lot into a small space; but the fact they’ve been able to keep the retro digital face and stay true to their brand, while simultaneously keeping up with innovation, definitely deserves a tip of the HD fitted hat.

3. Martian Victory

Martian Smartwatch

Compatibility: Android and IOS I Price: $299.00 (MartianWatches.comI

Martians certainly are out of this world, its a fact; and these watches are no exception. A traditional analogue watch-face sits atop a simple scrolling read out display. They’re a professional look but maintain functionality allowing full synch with  Siri or Google Now, the only wearable tech watch that currently does so. You can speak into your watch to make calls, set reminders send texts and more. The glass is also interactive, allowing a quick tap to bring up a recent notification. Pretty impressive stuff in an impressively pretty package. Check out their other models too, the Passport series and the more vibrant G2G series.

2. Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel

Compatibility: Android and IOS I Price: £139.99 (

The G-Shock was more the casual look, with the Martian taking a more professional appearance, but the Pebble Steel could easily be in both of those categories. Each watch comes with one metal and one leather strap (black matte is definitely out choice of strap). The display is customisable so whether you prefer the analogue or digital watch face, you can suit it to your style. It’s packed full of features and even though it has no touchscreen and opts for physical buttons instead, it doesn’t take away from the watch in the slightest. You could easily wear this watch day to day and then switch up the look a little to go more sophisticated.


Cookoo Line

Cookoo Black

Compatibility: Android and IOS I Price: £82.50 (WatchShop.comI

Have you ever seen a bird so fly?? The Cookoo is stunningly stylish and only gets better the closer you look. The analogue face is backed by an active LCD display which gives you the notifications once paired with your phone. There aren’t as many features as the Martian or the Pebble but it covers all of the basics you’d expect of a smartwatch, except it does it with much more personality. Not only is it the best looking of our selection, it’s also the cheapest! We also like to support up and coming, grass roots companies who are setting out or are well on their way to success, so knowing this watch began as a kickstarter project only makes it appeal to us more! It’s a seriously good looking watch (double picture worthy!) that would turn heads even if it wasn’t a smartwatch. #HDRated #HDApproved

___ ___ ___

Before these watches we weren’t too attracted to the whole ‘smartwatch’ concept, but after seeing these watches and the potential they have to offer for the future, they did manage to get us quite excited!! all of the software is constantly being updated and the looks improve with each generation so we have a lot to look forward to.

Go ahead and take a more detailed look at their features and let us know which watch is for you, or if we’ve missed an even better one. Apple and Google are set to enter the market with more products soon so watch this space.

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