Heavie Dutie Style Spotlight #HDSS – Regal Apparel Exclusive – Releasing the Regality

Regal Apparel launch range #HDRATED on hdstyle.co.uk

I first came across Regal Apparel in early January as they started gearing up for their first releases. Although i’d not seen a lot at that point the standout simplicity of their logo and spacey stylings kept them in my mind.

As I saw their designs progress from the black on black to the black hole and then spiral splash tees I knew there was something royally resplendent about their range… So when I was contacted by them in the hope I would spread the word and release a royal charter on the Regal Apparel launch range that was released last Saturday(1st of February) I was happy to do so.

So here’s a bumper #HDSS post that not only talks through the launch range pieces but also acts as a further feature to outline the concepts behind the brand.

REGAL – DEFINITION: fit for a monarch

The lofty aim for Regal, as the name suggests, is to provide customers with a majestic package and a memorable customer experience. They aim to do this by paying attention to detail starting from the premium quality garments and bespoke cardboard packaging to the complimentary stickers and badges and the hand-written thank you notes.

Boxed Black Hole Tee by Regal Apparel with free stickers

This attention to detail springs from founder Nils’ noticing, as a fan of up-coming streetwear brands, a “negligence in customer experience; an ill-fitting tshirt, a cheap polythene mailer with a tshirt crammed inside and so on…”

As a customer and supporter myself of many upcoming companies I seemed to notice the negligence in customer experience; an ill-fitting tshirt, a cheap polythene mailer with a tshirt crammed inside and so on… (Nils – Regal Apparel founder)

But alongside the feeling of needing to create a brand that takes the customer experience to the next level there is also an excitement about being part of the growing movement of independent brands in the urban streetwear scene. He also gives a nod to the Skate and Hip-Hop culture and communities that are giving new brands the chance to shine and sees the fusion with these areas in particular as something that they want to “be a part of”.

The Regal Launch Range


So on to the royal launch – Regal Apparel have made a strong start with 5 top tees on offer. The 2 plain script and 3 colourways of tie dye. The thread between the threads is the resplendent logo that provides the royal seal on the range.

The strength of the brand logo in fronting the tees is seen most keenly in the black on white tee as the black logo swirls powerfully across the chest, showing it’s potential to serve the brand well.

Black on black tee from Regal Apparel at hdstyle.co.uk

For me the stand-out piece is the black on black tee that just has that premium feel down to a tee, whilst the black hole tee has a gravitational pull to it that sucks you in to wanting to make a purchase!

If you’re looking to bring the noise the pink tie dye will definitely make you stand out from the crowd whilst the blue colourway provides a more subtle option for those who like to go for the more understated style.

The Reign Has Begun

So Regal Apparel have started strong, keeping their first range simple but providing enough to show the potential to build for the future.

With what they termed as a ‘surprising’ reaction from across social media platforms for their brand they now plan to roll out the red carpet for streetwear fans and build their kingdom by moving into sweatshirts, beanies and hoodies. They’ve also been experimenting and sharing new designs with their fans and looking for a Face of Regal to give people the chance to win a free tee.

But for now i’ll leave you with something they wrote to me as part of their background to the brand –

“Regal in 3 words – Watch This Space”

You can keep up to date with all things Regal on their Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

To cop a slice of their launch range head to www.regalapparel.co.uk

To stay up to date with all things Heavie Dutie Style you can head to:



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