Heavie Dutie Style Spotlight #HDSS – TGIF Clothing Top 5

enjoy the fresh life

From the moment you head on to the TGIF Clothing website you realise that there’s a lot of life in this brand. With their ‘Enjoy The Fresh Life’ logo emblazoned across the top left of your page, a sick selection of featured products and the initial shock of their banging rap manifesto ‘THANK GOD THAT I’M FRESH’ through your speakers (make sure you have your speakers on for this), it stood out as a brand that I needed to cover. So with that in mind i’ve picked out LA urban clothing brand TGIF Clothing as the first #HDSS of 2014 counting down my freshest five.

5. Fresh Life Vegas T-Shirt $34 COMING SOON

Fresh Life Vegas t-shirt in black - A giant capital F houses a vegas skyline backdrop with 'fresh life' written underneath in white and underlined in blue

Although it hasn’t been released yet this tee with its giant varsity style F encasing a backdrop of the Vegas skyline has a busy feel that caught my eye. The thick, almost marker pen like ‘Fresh Life’ text beneath signs it off in style. It would be a good look under a plain baseball jacket

4. Enjoying The Fresh Life t-shirt $10.00

Enjoy The Fresh Life logo tee

Another nicely detailed piece, this tee makes use of the featured design from the website. The neon pink outline makes the logo as a whole stand out and the use of the joined up font to sit around the blocky ‘FRESH’ font helps to frame the latter and allow it to stand out as the centrepiece of the design. The use of the seagull (at least that’s what I think it is!) is another nice design touch, that although not in its natural environment works as part of the design.

3. Freshman Crewneck $39.99

Grey sweater with freshman tiger character design dressed in streetwear with backwards cap, gold chains, white tee, black pants and Nike Air Yeezy style sneakers

The TGIF Freshman in all his swag is a pretty cool cat. I love the characterisation and the details including lion pieces, yeezy kicks and the tee with one of the TGIF logos on the sleeve that show a real attention to detail in the design.

2. Fresh Star Fade T-Shirt $10.00

TGIF Clothing Fresh Star Fade T-Shirt with TGIF Lion logo on left breast and stars that ascend from the bottom to the centre of the tee before fading.

Featuring the TGIF Lion crest on the left side of the chest and the multiple stars rising from the bottom of the tee before fading at the centre this is another less text heavy design but with the strong universal iconography you definitely can’t tame this tees  star quality. For $10.00 it’s a steal and i’ve got one on order!

1. Fresh Life Beach Crewneck $39.99

Fresh Life Beach Crewneck by TGIF Clothing - Features a large beach style design with the word 'fresh' written above and 'life' below with 'only the fly survive at the base of the picture.

The Beach Crewneck uses a strong combination of a beach illustration colours and fonts that remind me of GTA Vice City, what more could you want than to be reminded of spending hours playing and completing that! On a serious note the different elements and the way that it stands out on the black sweater make it a striking bit of design.Having bought this item I can also say it’s well made and well worth the money. #HDRATED

You can find all of the TGIF range on the TGIF Clothing website where along with tees and sweaters there are caps, chains, beanies and more. There’s also a TGIF Clothing app that’s well worth checking out as you can pick up discounts when buying on the website amongst other things. Check it out by clicking the image below:


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