New Year Style!

Christmas tings

I thought for my first post of the New Year I would highlight a few of the brands that I got for Christmas! I also thought I would start posting on WordPress, as well as using the twitter handle @HDStyleHQ and just to start making things more official.

Amongst the cool clothes you can see on show are:

Some sick HUF Clothing strapbacks from 5 Pointz, Bristol

A ‘Jokers Wild’ tee and patterned shirt by FLY53, a Nanny State royal blue varsity jacket and a Supply & Demand ‘King’ tee all from Bank Fashion.

A selection of tees and a snapback at a bargain price from American indie clothing brand Sleepy Dan‘s Black Friday sale.

A black ‘Always on Rewind’ tee from recently featured Leeds based Indie clothing brand Mixtape Clothing.

There’s also a few of my other Christmas presents in there but i’m sure you can work out what they are for yourself (and yes that is an Alan Partridge mug)!

Anyway, i’m looking forward to sharing more in 2014 through and the various platforms it inhabits.

Look out for more posts from Heavie Dutie coming soon focusing on street style, sick street brands,

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